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Infant Massage Instruction

Infant Massage is a playful, nurturing, and developmentally impactful way to spend time with your little one. Massage is one of the many languages we can use to communicate with them. Regular massage time increases our ability to listen to their communication, respond to their needs and enhance bonding. 

The emotional benefits include learning about love, trust, and safety. When we are met by another person who hears/sees our needs, meets them and stays lovingly engaged with us in the process we feel valued, respected, and loved. This supports the development of self-esteem and empathy.  When we are met in this way there is a felt sense of coherency in our nervous system that allows for relaxation and the opportunity for our body to heal and grow. When the nervous system senses discordance we no longer feel safe and unconscious reaction of fight or flight kicks in. When in this state our human brilliance turns our energies away from growth and development and toward survival. Massage is a great tool to bring us back to a calm and regulated state – this is true for adult as well as infants.

The physical benefits are also reason enough to massage. The relief from working so hard to coordinate movements and build muscle tone, the nervous system regulation that helps boost the immune system, improve digestion and respiration, relieve gas and colic, and support restful sleep are just a few of the physical benefits.

Lastly, the benefits extend to the parents as well. When we connect with another from our heart and are able to attune to them, it is healing and nurturing to our own psyches. Limbic resonance is the term used in interpersonal neurobiology to describe the way we attune to one other’s states. This supports bonding, improves confidence, builds communication, and reduces stress and anxiety. 


  • 2 receiving blankets - one to lay on and one to cover for warmth
  • Diaper bag with usual items

In each class we will cover massage techniques, theory and practice. 

One on one classes are 60 min long. Group classes are 90 min.

Come play and learn with us and take the first step in building a lifetime bond through touch 

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