Renee Hardenstein
Nurturing Life Through Touch

Massage Therapy

I offer a nurturing deep tissue and relaxation massage. I maintain a keen sense of awareness of anatomy and physiology as I intuitively customize each session based on the requests and needs of each client. Massage nurtures the unquenchable life force energy in each of us that seeks to be known and expressed. Regular massage builds our innate capacity to regulate and heal.

My approach follows that thriving in our lives is directly related to our wellness... our wellness is highly influenced by how we perceive our quality of life - and our experience in our body has a big impact on this perception. My support to you enters here - at the level of the body 

I believe that finding balance, creating a preventative lifestyle, and loving our bodies well is a journey, not a destination. Our efforts in designing our lives toward optimal is a continuum of experience, an ongoing renewal of commitment (not a one time shot), an exercise in flexibility, an expansion toward asking for and receiving support, and the discovery of our resiliency. 

I also view the contributing factors toward wellness as a pie. There's not one piece of the pie that leads to wellness, rather a "whole pie" approach. I believe in working in a team with other health care practitioners to create a comprehensive (whole pie) treatment plan or prevention regime. My intention is to support your awareness and empowerment on your journey. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to support you!

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