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Today is the first day of the rest of our lives! What's holding you back from making it count... from moving you in the direction of vibrancy and well being?

Regular massage is a necessary component in prevention and health. I am glad you are considering my services.

Because I believe the body is one of our greatest assets and resources, I aim to educate - support - and inspire my clients to return "home" to the body. In today's fast paced world that is based on technology and multitasking, it is easy to lose connection to the vehicle that makes it possible for us to participate as fully as we do in our lives.... our bodies. We tend to put everything else in front of our self-care needs.

My philosophy encourages self-care as a priority. As we thrive in our health (mental, physical, and emotional) we are better able to meet the needs of others, the demands of life, and still have some "umph" left over to pursue our dreams. When prevention is our life style - not the occasional commitment when doom is on the horizon - we free up our life energy to thrive not merely survive. What better gift to give your loved ones, your self, and in a grand way, the world than your fully vibrant self?


Human beings are born into this world with a nervous system primed for learning. Our brains are wired to take in information from our environment and use it to learn how to best thrive in the world. Touch is one of the most important senses we use to learn. Massaging your baby teaches them so much more than just how to relax. It is one of the many languages we can use to communicate with them.

Infant massage is the tool we use to connect deeply with our baby. It allows us the opportunity to listen to them not just with our ears but with our whole being. It helps us practice being present, meeting their needs, teaching them self-regulation, and playing with and enjoying one another. Current research is showing us that infant massage has lasting positive impacts on our baby’s developing brain and body.


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